Transition from Rummy clubs to online rummy

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Online Rummy Industry is a rapidly growing industry which has made a strong impact in the Indian market.

The rise in popularity of online rummy represents a new generation which prefers an easy and readily available mode of entertainment.

With the unique followers of the game rising rapidly each year, Online rummy is scaling even higher than ever before. In most of the sites offering rummy online, there are multiple tournaments with a huge prize pool allowing players to win big cash easily. While brick-and-mortar model type clubs seems a rarity these days, online rummy game sites are aplenty out there in the market. Players can choose the best rummy site after doing a bit of research and sign up with them.

According to a research by Reliance games, the revenue of the Indian mobile gaming i...

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Refer a Friend to play rummy using mobiles

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Are you enjoying yourself at Deccan Rummy and do you wish to share the fun of playing 13 card Indian rummy games in your mobiles? Download our Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for Android and IOS and win Rs. 50 real cash instantly.

Playing rummy on mobile is fun always. You must extend that fun to your friends as well. Deccan Rummy’s Refer a friend feature is an awesome feature that allows you to refer your friends and form a rummy community.

As soon you install our APP and verify your mobile number, your account will be credited with a signup bonus of Rs. 25. Additionally, you will be getting Rs. 25 if you share the unique referral code through your social media profiles. If your friend follows the same procedure, he will get Rs. 50 Bonus as well.

How Refer a friend Offer Works?

  • Download Deccan R...
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10 General Rummy Tips for Beginners

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13 card Online Rummy games are all about taking right decisions at the right time. Knowing the correct rummy tips is mandatory for success in rummy online. Sometimes it can be very difficult to identify the right rummy tips in the beginning. After all, there is such a huge amount of information out there these days that it can be very difficult to know where to start.

10 Rummy Tips for Beginners

General Rummy Tips

But starting out in the correct way is very important in this game. There is nothing wrong in being amateurish at the beginning. But if you do not utilize the opportunities to correct your mistakes, it could harm your play in the future. So in this article, I am going to discuss the top 10 beginner rummy tips for new rummy players. Let’s get started!

  1. Define your goal...
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Rummy Promotion – Jazzy July 30 % Bonus reminder

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Deccan Rummy is fast becoming the number one online rummy game site in India. With thousands of rummy players available anytime, you can expect an invigorating gaming session on our website anytime.  We guarantee loads of money in our monthly promotions, feature special tournaments with trips to exotic locations as prizes.

Jazzy July Bonus

Join the action here at Deccan Rummy in our exciting online rummy promotions, fast-paced online rummy tournaments, and benefit from our ongoing bonus offers and freeroll tournaments. Our gaming environment is suitable for rummy players at all levels. Our rummy games will help you enhance your rummy skills and face any level of competition. You will come up with several rummy tips of your own after playing the game for a few months...

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Weekend winnings 20% Bonus at – A reminder

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It is not for nothing remains as the most preferred destination for online rummy enthusiasts. At Deccan Rummy, we strive continuously to offer our players with fabulous promotions. We periodically host attractive offers and promotions much to the delight of our customers. Additionally, we host exclusive tournaments, mobile-specific promotions and bonus offer with exceptional benefits. With every promotion, we are giving you more reasons to dwell into our rummy games.

You can make your rummy experience memorable and a rich one at DeccanRummy by taking part in all our promotions. Additionally, these bonus amounts are going to give you an impetus to score up your game...

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Playing rummy online – Top 5 Motivational tips

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In order to be a successful rummy player, staying motivated is one of the key aspects. Motivation is mandatory for any sport. We see many professional sports team hiring mentors. The role of mentors is to motivate and encourage players to bring out the best in them. The 13 card rummy game requires quite a bit of self-motivation as it is a game, where you cannot afford to hire someone to motivate you. Unfortunately, many rummy players suffer from low self-esteem and give up after a few losses. It is very wrong. Feeling demotivated is not uncommon, but the key aspect of attaining success is to overcome your demotivation.

If you want to excel in rummy games, self-motivation is indispensable. You must learn how to motivate yourself...

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Emotional Control while playing rummy online

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Controlling your emotions is an important trait while playing rummy online. It is something that is not getting due recognition as it should be. Emotional control can make a big difference while playing rummy online as it decides whether you’re going to win or lose. Rummy being a skill based game can take a toll on you when you let your emotions run wild. That’s the reason we insist on selecting a particular timing and fixing a bankroll whenever you play rummy online. Utilize your gray matter to its fullest potential every time you play rummy games. We shall look at a few scenarios while playing rummy online where you need to exert emotional control:

Emotional Control while playing rummy online

Emotional Control – Playing Rummy Online

Bad Starting Hand- Not everyone playing rummy online is lucky to get a great starting hand...

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15 reasons to play 13 card rummy game at Deccan Rummy

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Rummy is an amazing card game that is extremely popular in India. Over the last few years, many variations of rummy card games have sprung up. All the variations of 13 card rummy game are gaining fame every day and continue to stand the test of time. India has been a fertile ground for rummy games as the game has deep ties with Indian history. Now with the advent of Internet, playing rummy is no longer just a past time but one of the primary sources of extra income.

Deccan Rummy brings you the most incredible platform to enjoy your favorite 13 card rummy games online. We are one of the leading rummy online sites in India hosting a wide range of free and real money games. In addition, we have exceptional benefits to all our members in the form of promotions and offers...

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Reasons why Deccan Rummy is India’s safest rummy site?

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Deccan Rummy has become India’s best online gaming site for a lot of reasons. Some of it, the players can themselves reel off: an entertaining product, value for money, excellent customer service, top marketing, having earned the tag of most trusted & safest rummy site in India. These are some of the key reasons for our massive success. A few other reasons have been just as instrumental to our growth: working with a lot of determination to meet the expectation of our customers, truly understanding the rummy ecosystem, being committed to excellence every time. Your search for India’s safest rummy site ends with Deccan Rummy.

Of late, we’ve been spending a lot on technical infrastructure and security for improving user immersion...

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Why Deccan Rummy is India’s best rummy site?

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Are you a card game enthusiast? Does 13 card rummy game fascinate you? Do you know you can win loads of cash playing rummy? Deccan Rummy is the perfect destination for you if you have any of the above queries. Deccan Rummy is a completely legal online rummy site offering the best in rummy online that India can offer. The games offered by us to play with Real cash are Points Rummy, Deal Rummy, and Pool Rummy and these are games that require a lot of skills that you can acquire easily.

We provide a perfect platform for you to try out any of these games – there are huge stakes riding on these games that you can win without spending a dime. Join us and gear up for an ultimate rummy adventure...

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