Why Rummy remains as the favourite card game?

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Ever wondered why Rummy remains as the best card game in spite of several card games like Poker, Teen Patti gaining widespread coverage in the media? In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the areas where 13 card classic rummy scores over other games.


Available Online 24*7

The availability of classic rummy card games online 24/7 in all the websites proves to be one of the biggest reasons why it remains as the favourite card game in India. Players have an option to play the game whenever they feel like playing.

100% Legal

Playing 13 cards Indian rummy online has been declared as legal by the Supreme Court of India. Rummy is quintessentially a skill-based card game wherein you have to arrange the hand cards into proper sets & sequences based on unique combinations. After the Supreme Court declaration, rummy players have flocked in huge numbers and started playing in our card game.

Quintessentially an Indian Game

Rummy games have always been part of Indian culture. It’s not unusual to see Rummy played during family get-togethers or during festival occasions. When the game went digital, players migrated en masse to the digital version and has been growing ever since that day.

Safe & Secure

Most of the rummy sites have enforced rigorous anti-fraud measures and have made sure that their site is 100% safe and genuine by installing RNG to ensure non-repeatable & unpredictable card sequences. Moreover, the rummy sites have also deployed easy methods to deposit and withdraw cash in online rummy sites.

Easy & Fun to play

Unlike card games like Teen Patti or Poker, classic rummy games are based on skill and easy to learn. Poker and Teen Patti have many complications and even players will years of experience find it hard to master them as they rely on chances more than skill. Whereas, Rummy rules are pretty simple and can be learned very easily.

Promotions & cash bonuses

When you play offline rummy, your best of chances of winning the pot amount is by winning the game. As you might be aware, winning every game in rummy is not generally possible as the outcome of the game is influenced by many other factors like starting hands, the strength of the cards of your opponents. In online rummy, there are multiple ways to earn money online. Many rummy online sites have extraordinary promotions and bonus offers for all their players. Players must do a good research about the best site that offers goof welcome bonus offers and promotions and then must sign up on that website.

Fosters Social Interaction

Many sites offering 13 card classic rummy games have enabled the chat features that allow the players to socialize and build a strong rummy community.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, winning money easily online remains as the most popular reason as to why people swarm into rummy sites in huge numbers. Deccan Rummy is one of the most reliable and popular sites offering classic rummy card games 24/7 in India. If you want to have some fun playing card games on the net, try playing on our website for an ultimate rummy experience. Additionally, you can also download the Deccan Rummy Mobile for your Android & IOS system and engage yourself playing rummy games like Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. So, what are you waiting for? Play on our web site or Download our APP for a great 13 card classic rummy game experience now!

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