Play fair, win fair at Deccan Rummy

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Rummy is not just a game for us here at Deccan Rummy! It is an experience, artistry – reserved for intellectuals who share the similar rummy passion like us. Deccan Rummy is India’s most exciting gaming platform to play rummy cash games and other exciting rummy tournaments for fun and real money.


Deccan Rummy takes every measure to ensure our users get the right kind of rummy experience they have been wanting all the while. We ensure that all the data by our customers are safe & secure. Any activity bordering on being considered as cheating will call for strict action. Deccan Rummy reserves the right to ban such accounts almost instantly.

Safe and Secure

Deccan Rummy is fully committed to providing a safe and fair gaming environment for all our patrons. We have taken every necessary step to protect the integrity of our rummy room. Moreover, we want our rummy players to feel confident in the trust they place in us, which is our primary imperative. In order to main the gaming environment clean, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards players indulging in cheating, collusion any other forms of deception.

Deccan Rummy offers a variety of 13 card rummy games so that the players get a wider selection of gaming experiences. Our rummy games are built using advanced state-of-the-art software with a robust random number generator (RNG) that ensures a random shuffle. Deccan Rummy has been certified by InfySec Security labs for fair play and random number generator (RNG). RNG ensures that all the rummy players are dealt a fair deal hand each and every game. The system produces innumerable permutations and combinations not related to each other in a random way that is virtually impossible to predict. Our RNG system has been rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining their results. Deccan Rummy has deployed a sophisticated technology identifying the players indulging in collusion or other types of fraudulent activities.

We hope that you enjoy your playing experience at Deccan Rummy, trust us and rest the burden on our shoulders to provide you the most secure platform to play 13 cards Indian Rummy game online. We are sure that the exhilarating card games in our website will keep you hooked and glued to your screen. The fun and thrill of playing online rummy at Deccan Rummy are unparallel. It hardly matters what level you are in, get on our website now and enjoy the most genuine card games that you have never ever played.  See you at our rummy tables.

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