Dealing with a bad hand in online Rummy

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This is one of the precarious situations that online rummy players have to deal with, often. Seriously, how often you get a dream starting hand in rummy? Even if we get one, does having a dream hand absolutely ensure that we are going to win? A single mistake is enough to bring your party crashing down.

We all know that Rummy is a game of skills and strategy with luck playing a minimal part so even if you land with bad starting hands with no sets/sequences/jokers, you can still win. Expert rummy players hardly ever complain about bad starting hands, they know how to sneak through any intractable situation. Let us now see how to deal with bad hands in Rummy.

The first step in such a situation is to stay calm and look out for possibilities to reduce your points. Keep an eye on the discard section and observe the cards your opponents are dropping. The dropped cards might help you to meld a set or a sequence in such situations.

Drop high cards: You must drop cards with a high face value as they are going to reduce your points at the end of the game.Bait your opponents: If your opponent is picking cards from the closed deck,

Bait your opponents: If your opponent is picking cards from the closed deck, chances are that he might be having a good hand and might declare soon. In such situations, drop a card as a bait and if he/she picks it up, you will get a clear idea of the sets/sequences he is trying to make. You can hold the cards which would be useful to him and block his declaration.

Drop the game: In the event you are unable to make any set or sequence even after following the above strategies, fold your cards and drop the game. Ensure you have disposed all the higher value cards before dropping as you would lose with minimum points.

It’s always important to stay grounded irrespective of the situation and believe in yourself. If you are a novice in playing rummy online, remember the saying “Failure is the stepping stone to success”. Losing a few rummy games will not deter from your relentless pursuit to conquer the rummy world if you are determined enough. Consider them as an opportunity to learn rummy strategies and polish your game play. You can refer our article “Triple T’s (Tricks-Tips- Techniques) to Play Rummy Online” to know more about the techniques and tricks involved in online rummy. Once you master these rummy skills and strategies, you can be sure of increasing your winning percentage by up to 75%. Well, as the old saying goes, ‘where there's a will there's a way’. Passion and determination are going to take you the distance. When you are indoctrinated enough with rummy strategies and tricks, you will find a way to emerge victorious throw any challenge.

Quoting the great Josh billings “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well”. Life is like a rummy game, as simple as that. Keep playing and making merry!

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