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As you all might know by now that we have upgraded our website and implemented some new features along with it. The upgraded website been designed to provide easy navigation, good aesthetics, and most importantly even mobile responsive. Just like our stunning rummy games, we are always striving to achieve excellence in every single initiative of ours. Of late, we have been burning a lot of midnight oil to enhance user experience and the result? An upgraded version of the Deccan Rummy website which increases the user immersion by several notches. We are very sure that the new and improved website will not just look great, but works great. Keep looking forward to many other upgrades and new features in our website. In this article, we shall see the 2 amazing features that have been added to the upgraded website. Welcome to the new Deccan Rummy site. We can’t wait for you to dive in and check out!

Spinning wheel

Deccan Rewards

Deccan Rewards is a new feature implemented on our website. We have included a couple of features under Deccan Rewards namely Badges and View Tickets.

  • Log into your account
  • Click on Deccan Rewards Tab
  • You can view the 2 newly added features “Badges” and “View Tickets”.


Badges are rewards for the players. At present, we have launched Spinning Wheel Bonus which is available for the cash rummy players. You can spin the wheel and earn surprise bonus.

How the offer works?

  • As you play a number of cash games, you will get a notification about “Spinning Wheel” Bonus offer.
  • All you have to do is spin the wheel as soon as you get a notification and you will get guaranteed bonus points credited to your account.
  • Click on Spin as the pop-up emerges. Your account will be credited with bonus points instantaneously
  • The spinning wheel is only available to players who play cash tables starting from Rs. 10 and higher.
  • The spinning wheel option does not have an expiry. In the event you did not avail the offer as soon as the pop-up emerges, the offer gets saved in the Badges option and can be used later.

View Tickets:

Tickets are used for entry to special tournaments.

How it works?

  • Rummy tickets would be issued for a number of your activities inside our side like Depositing, winning, and sharing our social media posts.
  • There is also a provision to buy tournament tickets in this feature. In View Tickets option, there is a button through which you can buy tickets for tournament

Deccan Rewards are sure to elicit interest in all our players. We have added this feature after a lot of culling and analyzing the data gathered around players’ behavioral patterns. Deccan Rewards is here to stay and we are planning to add much more offers and promotions in it in the near future.

Take a look around and see for yourself how much better the new website and the newly added features are.

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