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May 11, 2016 Promotions  One comment


Our Bring-A-Friend was such a hit; we are making our offer even better!

Are you a fan of Deccan Rummy? Wish to share the joy with your buddies?

High-Five! Deccan Rummy’s Bring-a-friend feature is here to share the fun, thrill and awesomeness of playing rummy with your very own friends! Because nothing beats the joy of playing rummy with squad.

And, that’s not all: You can refer as many friends you like.

As you know, sharing is caring. Why not share the number one rummy site Deccan Rummy with your friends and both of you get rewarded?

Want a shot at it? Click here! It’s so simple. Get your pals connected with Deccan Rummy now!

Tips and Tricks: Remember, the more friends you refer, the more you earn!


  1. Introduce your friends to the world of Deccan Rummy, and make some extra...
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