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Rummy online – History of Rummy

April 20, 2016 News  2 comments


We, Indians absolutely love to play online rummy. However, if you ask about the origin of the game, it is not an easy task.

Many different theories surround the History of Rummy is regarding the origins of the Rummy games. However, in reality, probably over the years the modern day rules are an amalgamation of various different rummy games. Rummy is a family of games that share a similar structure. All these games include a similar gameplay pattern that consists of drawing and discarding a card during each turn.

The origins of the Rummy games go back a couple of centuries. The theories surrounding the origin are:

Conquian Origin- The first theory is that rummy evolved from a game called “Conquain”, which itself originated in either Spain or Mexico...

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13 Reasons to play on DeccanRummy

April 15, 2016 News  3 comments

thirteen-card-indian-rummyWhy Deccan Rummy?

Deccan Rummy is not just another online rummy site; we are unique in our ethics and have a creative approach which makes us a predominant site loved by all Indians. We’ve built this site on extraordinary strong foundations, which are greatly responsible for our delivery of a great online rummy experience. Over 1,00,000+ players have chosen as the ultimate site to play rummy online. Check out the world class features that distinct Deccan Rummy from other sites. These features make Deccan Rummy the best site to play free online rummy 13 card games, with no download required!

  • Best User Interface

Our user-interface will mesmerize you with an eye-pleasing design. Deccan Rummy has a user-friendly UI for fast and smooth gaming experience...

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100% Deposit Bonus

April 15, 2016 Promotions  2 comments


It’s Payback time!!!  Let’s play rummy online and beat the heat!

You can get 100% Bonus up to Rs.5000 on your first deposit which is the best bonus ever offered by any other online rummy sites in India.

What’s the Offer? Get 100% Deposit Bonus up to Rs.5000!

Bonus Amount: Min-Rs.100 Max-Rs.5000

Start Time: April 11

End Time: May 11

How to Participate?

  • Deposit a minimum of Rs.100 to qualify for the promotion.
  • Get 100% Bonus (up to Rs.5000) on your deposit. .
  • The offer is valid only for the first deposit made during the promotion period.

Tips and Tricks: Deposit a bigger amount to avail maximum bonus.

Deposit Bonus Guidelines:

 Players need to make a minimum deposit of Rs.100 to qualify for the promotion and for availing the Bonus.

  1. This bonus can be availed only once by deposi...
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Freeroll Tournaments

April 15, 2016 Promotions  No comments


Never Before offer from Deccan Rummy!!! Grab a chance to win up to Rs. 7.5 Lakhs by playing rummy online only at DeccanRummy!!!

Total Prize Pool: Rs.750, 000 Guaranteed

Format: Deals Rummy

Entry Fee: Zero

Wish to go to the next level? Craving to participate in Tournaments? Cheers! Deccan Rummy is conducting tourneys throughout the day just for you which are absolutely free to participate! We have free tourneys starting from as early as 8 am. Now play rummy online all day and increase your chances of winning huge prizes. Bet you cannot miss the Mega Blast and win from a prize pool of Rs.10000. Now play free tourney throughout the day only on DeccanRummy exclusively for you...

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How To Play Rummy Online

April 12, 2016 News  One comment


Here is the comprehensive list of rules to play the most popular and exciting 13 Cards Indian rummy game on Deccan Rummy.

Number of Cards:

13 cards are dealt to each player in the beginning of every deal in Deccan Rummy.

Number of Players:

13 Cards Rummy can be played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players.

Dealing in Deccan Rummy:

A random toss is made at the beginning of the game to decide which player will make the first move. After the toss, a wild joker is selected randomly from the closed deck and 13 cards are distributed to each player. Every player has to arrange all the 13 cards in their hand into proper sequences and/or sets. [The Sort button feature has been implemented by Deccan Rummy by which you can sort your cards with a click of a button] Each player during...

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Myths about Rummy: Busted

April 8, 2016 News  One comment


As with every popular thing in the world, there are so many myths surrounding both offline and online Rummy. Here are some common misconceptions about Rummy. Keep reading to know what the actual facts are:

Myth – All card games are driven by sheer luck.

Fact – Many card games are a delightful combination of luck and sharp skills. Luck can drive your game for a given hand or a particular round but what matters in the long run is how skillfully you play your cards.

Myth – Players have to deposit large amounts to play.

Fact – You can play Rummy online as provides facility like sign-up bonus for those who can’t afford higher deposits in their accounts.

Myth – Online card games are just waste of time.

Fact – Every month, hundreds of winners are announced on D...

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Facts about rummy

April 6, 2016 News  2 comments


Card games have always been a part of our lives, and rummy games have always been the dynamic of all. With the advent of online gaming technology, the traditional rummy games are now available online to play, especially since rummy is legal. Here are a few fun facts about the rummy card games:

  • Rummy is known to be the 3rd most popular card game across the globe. In the web world, it is the highest played card game.
  • In the earlier days owning a deck of cards was something only the rich and elite could afford.
  • The cards that we use now to play card games have evolved to the current state after many modifications. They were initially handmade and each card was painstakingly painted. The evolution of paper and printing techniques is what has made the packs of cards so easily available.
  • The o...
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Triple T’s (Tricks-Tips-Techniques) to Play Rummy Online

April 4, 2016 News  One comment


Wonder how to work out rummy strategies to play rummy online? In this post, we are sharing few rummy tips and tricks that would help you learn the Indian rummy game and could be really useful in winning online games too. Check out the rummy strategies below and learn to improve your winning chances and win more money!

#1 – Arrange your cards

 The first thing to do after receiving the cards is to arrange them as per suites i.e. spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds so that you could easily differentiate between them. After arranging the cards by suits, another smart trick to follow is to sort the cards by colour. The trick here is to separate red and black suits. This may sound a little weird but this rummy trick of arranging cards in Red – Black – Red will help differentiate cards easily...

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